Prosperity Camp with Esra

About This Product

Welcome everyone!

This – two-week – 10-15 minutes a day series was created to help you focus on opening up to prosperity. It is an amazing mini journey to help you discover what might be blocking your access to prosperity and different ways to begin aligning yourself with it.

Everyday there will be a teaching and an exercise to go with it, for you to put into practice. The aim is to get you to develop some habits & acquire certain tools to open up to abundance.

We will discuss the power of BEING choice, how to discover your personal unconscious patterns that block prosperity, how to overcome EGO’s natural resistance to change and much more.

Culminating with a meditation that experientially pulls it all together.

But as always, your powerful intention to transform is the key ingredient. So, make sure you bring that along to enjoy the feast!

Lots of Love


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What's Inside - Day by Day

Day 0: Introduction
Day 1: Belief Systems – Part 1
Day 2: The Power of Intension
Day 3: Belief System – Part 2
Day 4: The Being Choice – Part 1
Day 5: The Being Choice – Part 2
Day 6: Understanding the Ego
Day 7: The Power of Focus – Part 1
Day 8: The Power of Focus – Part 2
Day 9: The Spenders Law

Day 10: Letting Go of the Attachment
Day 11: Common Traps People Fall Into – Part 1
Day 12: Common Traps People Fall Into – Part 2
Day 13: The Art of Visualization
Day 14: Self Worth
Day 15: Meditation