Esra is  a walking miracle on this planet. Please read the full bio and decide for yourself:)

Just like her husband Ike she migrated to America in 1997 at the age of 24. While coming to America she brought all her belongings and habbits. Depression, drugs, alcohol. 

There was no light at the end of the tunnel. Forget the light, there was not even a tunnel.

One day while wandering around the streets of Los Angeles she saw a red-brick wall building. Without knowing what’s inside she walked in and met Kundalini Yoga. Esra started taking classes and in a short few months her life started to change around. She not only left depression, drugs and alcohol behind but became a yoga teacher and later a pioneer of Kundalini Yoga in Turkey.  In 2010 she became the first ONLINE – LIVE Kundalini Yoga teacher attracting around 2500 hundred people per yoga class.

In 2004 she met her husband, Ike and his mentor Darel Rutherford. They ALL started working together and in a short couple of years, Darel started to insist, Esra start Transformational Coaching. After she resisted this request for a while, she finally started working as a coach and the rest is history.

In 2007, she started working with people from all walks of life. From celebrities to house wives, from business people to doctors, lawyers etc. In 2009 Esra and Ike joined forces and pioneered this style of coaching in Turkey, culminating in their much sought after Coaching Cetification program in 2016. 

Her graceful style with a no BS attitude, in sessions/workshops, will help you to feel safe and yet confronted, followed by the elevation of your own discoveries. 

She recently published her first English book “Money DOES Grow on Trees: The Myths We Create and Live By”. 

The way she likes to express what they teach; 

“Knowledge doesn’t really belong to us until we have had our own conscious experience of it. Our own, unique “AHA”.

And then, it is downloaded to us, as a new energy, a fresh air, a rememberance of who WE really are. Therefore, you can’t just BECOME by memorizing what another says or by simply reading a book, you have to walk the walk and experience the transformation for yourself.

Every little step we take to expand our own consciousness, is the greatest gift we give to ALL of humanity. When one of us jumps, all of us are reminded possibilities are endless. That we have a choice”.  


Ike wrote six books so far and sold well over a million copies. All of his books are currently in Turkish but they will be translated and published very soon (around 2023.)

Although ike believed we create our reality, he failed miserably in his 30s. He had become a master at creating what he didn’t want.

He migrated to America at the age of 26 with BIG DREAMS and at the age of 32 this is what his life looked like:

Gas stations, construction,  pizza deliveries, restaurants (dishwasher, busboy, waiter) etc. As if all of this wasn’t enough, he started drinking – a lot – and got a DUI in California, spending a few nights in jail.

Basically you name it, he’s done it 🙂

Finally after meeting his mentor Darel Rutherford (R.I.P) he managed to turn his life around a 180 degrees. He always refers to Darel as “My Mr. Miyagi from New Mexico:)”

First thing Darel showed Ike was how he was manifesting everything he didn’t want to manifest. This was a big eye opener for Ike and started changing his mind set about life. 

He manifested an amazing/magical partner, a dream life, a dream house, a dream car, money, fame, success etc. You name it, he got it. 

Now with his wife Esra they are helping thousands of people every year manifest their dreams.

Here is his favorite story and this is how he explains what they do today:

This guy is walking down the street and he falls into a hole. The walls are very steep so he can’t get out. A doctor comes by and the guy shouts up “Hey can you help me out?”  The doctor writes a prescription throws it down the hole and walks away.

And a priest comes and the guys shouts again “Father I’m stuck here, can you help me out?” Priest writes a prayer, throws it down and moves on.

And a friend walks by.

 “Hey Joe it’s me, I’m stuck here can you help me out?”

The friend jumps in the hole. Our guy screams “Are you stupid? Now we both are in the hole.”

The friend says “Yeah but I’ve been down here before and I know the way out.”