10 WEEKS with IKE & ESRA


Free and no obligation whatsoever if you choose not to continue.

We know most of you;
Are already aware of some of the manifestation techniques,
Have gone to workshops and/or yoga,
Have done some type of energy work,
Watched movies, read tons of books etc.

If the above worked that is great and we are so happy for you ❤️

IF it DID NOT, keep reading…

Techniques are very easy to learn. Just read a couple of books and you will know everything there is to know about the universe, manifesting powers, visualization etc

If so, then why are you still having problems with manifesting??

Back in the days, we would go nuts when we couldn’t manifest what we desired. For years we tried to figure out where we were going wrong, and what the missing “secret” was (and yes even the documentary didn’t help:))

And finally, we found the missing ingredients. Thanks to our mentor Darel.

We moved on from:
Poverty to wealth,
Failure to success,
Depression to real happiness.

So, WE walked the walk…

Now we invite you to WALK. Better yet let’s walk together and no matter how many steps it takes, we are ready.

Are you?

Lots of love
Ike & Esra

Workshop Details


Duration: 10 Weeks (First three weeks are open to everyone – You just have to register. That’s all) Starting Date: July 9th 2022 – Saturday
Every Saturday
10:00 AM Pacific Time/
12:00 PM Central Time/
1:00 PM Eastern Time/
8:00 PM in Turkey.
: 90 minutes.
: First 2 weeks (July 9th & 16th are open to everyone), however, registration is required.
: If you decide to continue after two weeks, $2222. Due before the third week of the workshop. If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@ikeandesranow.com Hope to see you all soon.

As you know, first 3 sessions are FREE for this workshop.

If you want to continue to access next sessions, you need to purchase.

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Do you guarantee results?
No, no one can and if you see anyone giving you guarantees just RUN.
What we can guarantee is that we will teach you and share with you what worked for us.

Will I be getting one-on-one sessions with Ike & Esra?
Yes, we will do one-on-ones as much as we can during the workshop. But these are randomly picked participants. So even if you don’t get a session, you will be watching all the others sessions and sometimes you get more out of watching other’s as your resistance is out of the way.

Will I be able to watch the videos of the workshop if I can’t attend live?
Yes. Each week’s recorded video will be available to you for seven days.

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